About us

Our vision is to provide a top quality product, finished to an excellent standard whilst exceeding our customers expectations of service.

Hanbeck Natural Stone are a producer of Natural Stone building products situated within the famous Lincolnshire Limestone Belt.

Founded in 1998, Hanbeck is committed to remaining a family owned and run business. Being family run ensures that you benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience mixed with next-generation ingenuity. With the benefit of a unified leadership, we take a long term perspective in our decision making and strategy.

We manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality, hand finished stone products, supplying to builders, landscapers, small developers, conservation and ecclesiastical contractors. We also offer a sawing service to masonry workshops who may require sawn 2, 4 and 6 sides.

We are proud to have been involved in some prestigious schemes across the country and have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry.
Not only are we passionate about our products and the service we offer, we are invested in our people. We encourage and nurture each member of our team, giving them the opportunity to grow their skillset and capabilities within their current role and explore new opportunities within the business as a whole.

We are devoted to being a cornerstone in the industry.

Our Vision:

We are committed to providing a top quality product, finished to a standard of excellence, whilst exceeding our customers expectations of service.

Production Facility:

We continually invest in our production facility. In 2016 we undertook our largest extension yet adding a further 5000ft2 of production space.

Our Saw & Cropping Shed’s were custom designed to fit our needs and in more recent years our Cropping & Packing sheds have undergone even further streamlining to create the bespoke and comprehensive semi-automated system we have now.

Preparing Limestone requires precision and skill. Some of our projects often require us to work within 1mm tolerances, which means we are constantly reinvesting in our machinery and equipment.

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Lincolnshire Limestone:

Lincolnshire Limestone, geologically classified as being of the Oolite Group of the Middle Jurassic strata and architecturally recognised as one of Britain’s superior stones.
The quarry yields a variety of different stones of varying colours and textures. Ponton Basebed is a fine grained stone with a consistent off-white/cream colour stone and little fossil content. Clipsham Member on the other hand is a warm honey coloured stone that is coarsely grained with frequent fossil clusters and distinctive darker banding. Ponton Weatherbed is an extremely hard stone that is quite dark in comparison with an occasional burnt red hue and a mass of fossil clusters. Ponton Hardwhite is an off white/ creamy coloured stone with occasional shell and subtle beige banding. 

Ragstone is another of the hard stones with frequent massing of shell and fossil clusters, it’s beauty is the varied colouring which can range from a pale/medium sandy colour through to a dark honey almost treacle colour and then something times a silver/grey.