Manufacturing Process

With one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry our stone is extracted from the quarry face and transported less than 1 mile to our production facility. Our manufacturing process has evolved over a period of time which has allowed us to develop effective systems to handle the irregular size and weight of the raw product in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible while still meeting the needs of our customers who may want larger quantities of standard products or as is quite often the case with self-builders or conservation projects the need for smaller quantities of bespoke items and sizes.

How we select OUR Stone

The quarry yields a variety of stone colours, shapes and sizes from which we select only the best grades for house building and conservation. We find certain areas of the country require particular colour whereas other areas will purposely select a mix of colours. This is all subject to customer and local planning authority requirements.

Once the stone has been extracted from the quarry face, it is transported less than a mile to our purpose built production facility where it is inspected for suitability to the various aspects of production.

How we saw our stone

Our purpose built saw shed houses 6 individual stone saws of all different sizes and capabilities.
Our largest saw has a 2.5 metre blade and is the first step in the production process. This is also stage one of our quality control procedure. Once the stone has been sawn front and back, it is transported onto one of our smaller 1.6 metre blade saws where the stone gets cut into slices.
We also have a dedicated masonry saw which we use solely to produce our masonry components. This saw is able to cut within a precise and accurate measurement, 1/2mm tolerance, which is needed for these components.

How we crop our stone to size

We have a fully comprehensive bespoke system to crop our stone into brick sized pieces.
This element of our processing is semi automated and is therefore able to be carried out by a single operative where each stone then undergoes stage two of our quality control procedure, and is checked for its finished sizes and dimensions.

How we dress and finish OUR stone

This is the final stage in our quality control procedure where each product is individually inspected and hand dressed prior to being packaged.

If a product has a tumbled finished it goes through our tumbler which mechanically removes any sharp edges from the brick to give it a slightly rounded smoothed edge.
Our stone dresser will remove any irregularities and sharp edges to compliment this process.