Split Face Walling

This stone type is typically used for new housing and commercial developments. The finish product is packed onto timber pallets for ease of transportation and delivery.

The face of the stone has been hydraulically cropped to produce a textured and dimpled finish.

Ponton Basebed is a fine grained off-white/cream colour stone with little fossil content that is common throughout the limestone districts from Stroud, Gloucestershitre to Whetherby Yorkshire.

Clipsham Member is a warm honey coloured and coarsely grained stone with distinctive fossil clusters and sporadic banding.

Available in 4 standard course sizes: 65mm, 90mm, 115mm, 140mm

Drystone Walling

This stone is more typically used for the construction and repair of boundary walls, feature gateways and face dressings to gabion baskets.

We guillotine our Drystone Walling to create a well defined face, which is then tumbled to remove sharp edges.

Drystone Walling has a pleasing variation of colours ranging from pale/dark cream to medium/dark honey.


This format of stone (also known as semi dressed stone and Random Rubble) is commonly used in conservation areas for extensions and smaller developments.

It has a guillotined face, is textured and coarsely grained.
Some stones will have dense fossil clusters, and there is commonly a strong colour variation which many customers prefer, as this creates a more visually pleasing aesthetic.

Masonry Dressings

Collectively referred to as Masonry Dressings, quoins, cills and heads are building components that have been produced using specialised stone sawing equipment to create flat sawn faces. These products can be produced in either Clipsham Member or Ponton Hard White to your bespoke sizes. They are then hand finished prior to being packed and dispatched.


We produce of full range of copings. Where a more formal appearance is desired these can be sawn either as flat top, once or twice weathered. Whereas shouldered, half round and Cock and Hen are better suited for a more rural location.

Ecclesiastical & Conservation

Due to the variation of our stone types and our production facility we have the capability to undertake work necessary in ecclesiastical and conservation projects.

We have had the privilege of being involved in some prestigious projects in the past. We have provided flooring tiles which are polished and ready to lay. We have also supplied small quantities of stone, sawn on all six sides waiting to be worked by a Mason. We have supplied finished sized stones to ‘slot in’ when doing onsite repairs to perished stonework on a period building.