Garden Crazy Paving

crazy paving stands out as a bold and interesting choice

In this blog post, we will delve into the art of laying crazy paving and explore its various applications.

When it comes to paving options, crazy paving stands out as a bold and interesting choice. With its irregular shapes, it creates interesting patterns when laid. Crazy paving adds a touch of fun to any outdoor space and offers endless possibilities for unique and eye-catching designs.

What is Crazy Paving?

Crazy paving, also known as random paving, is a method of using irregularly shaped stones to create a mosaic-like pattern. The term “crazy” originates from the unconventional and asymmetrical layout of the stones. While traditional paving relies on uniform shapes and sizes, crazy paving embraces the beauty of irregularity. This unconventional approach allows for limitless creativity and customisation.

Patios and Outdoor Areas: Create a stunning patio or outdoor living space using crazy paving to add charm to your garden. Combine it with complementary furniture and accessories for a summer-time look.

Pathways and Walkways: Whether leading to your front door or meandering through a garden, crazy paving adds an interesting touch to these functional areas. 

Pool Surrounds: Upgrade the poolside area by surrounding it with crazy paving. The textured and non-slip surface enhances safety while providing a pleasing look. 

Feature Walls and Accents: Extend the use of crazy paving beyond the ground by incorporating it into vertical surfaces. Create feature walls, raised flower beds, or even unique steps using the irregular stones.

Garden Borders and Edging: Add a touch of creativity to your garden borders and edging by using crazy paving. The irregular shapes blend with surrounding foliage, creating a natural and artistic transition between different areas.

Driveways : Make a bold statement with a crazy paving driveway . The unconventional patterns and striking designs create a welcoming entrance to your property, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.


If you are looking to incorporate crazy paving this year then get in touch so we can provide you with a sample and a quote.