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How we work with together. 

The Lincolnshire limestone supplied by Hanbeck Natural Stone is a distinctive natural material that is synonymous with the built environment of much of England. It can be found in countless prestigious buildings across the world and has been used widely in Ecclesiastical buildings.

Limestone has been quarried in Lincolnshire for thousands of years, and Hanbeck Natural Stone is part of that proud tradition. As a family-run business with a commitment to quality and sustainability, we’re the supplier of choice for a wide range of building, renovation and conservation projects.

We work closely with housebuilders and developers by supplying bespoke natural stone with an emphasis on quality and finish. We don’t mass-produce. The product we supply is tailored to the needs of our clients and sympathetic to the environment.

Providing quality stone for housebuilders

Increasingly, builders and developers are looking to build homes that are rooted in the local landscape and reflect local traditions. As a result, builders are turning to natural stone for their choice of materials. Natural stone is a growing market for housebuilders and there are many good reasons for this. These include…

Harmony & Aesthetic Appeal

Building in local stone has a strong aesthetic appeal. It reflects the building traditions of the region with the homes that get built immediately forming part of the local landscape.

Lincolnshire limestone has variations in tone and colour. This, combined with the skilled way in which it’s sawn and cropped, helps to create an attractive, mellow look that changes with the light. When you use limestone in an area where it has long been a traditional building material your new build immediately looks at home.

This can be helpful during the planning process. Local authorities increasingly consider the overall aesthetics of a development project when they consider the planning application. The use of quality local materials with a design that’s sympathetic to local traditions is much more likely to be approved than one that isn’t.

The aesthetic appeal of a stone built home is also reflected in its kerb-appeal and added value. A stone built home reflecting local traditions will usually carry a premium when it comes to the initial and future sale value. Natural stone products enhance the exterior of the buildings you create. The builders and developers we work with know this and the relationships we build with them whilst working on a project is one of trust and true collaboration.

A sustainable choice

Limestone from Hanbeck Natural Stone is a sustainable choice. We supply smaller quantities for buildings that are built to last. With one of the lowest carbon footprints in the country we produce the highest quality building materials that help improve the built environment in an ethical and considered way.

A family-run business with a personal approach

At Hanbeck Natural Stone, we offer a tailored and bespoke service to the builders and developers we work with. We collaborate with our customers on a one-to-one basis from quote through to completion. Our adaptable approach means we can change according to the specifications and quantity requirements of our clients with ease.

Being part of a long local tradition, when you work with Hanbeck Natural Stone you gain access to expertise, integrity and complete commitment to the project.

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