Our Brand Story

Our brand story

A Business Built on Tradition And Expertise

A Proud Local Tradition

Hanbeck Natural Stone is a business built on solid foundations and you don’t get much more solid than the Lincolnshire Limestone Belt. This ridge of Jurassic Limestone begins way down on the Dorset coast and stretches up through the middle of England, crossing into Lincolnshire before coming to an end at the Humber Estuary. It rises to a famous escarpment known as the Lincoln Cliff, which, along with the chalk wolds, challenges the idea that Lincolnshire is universally flat.

Lincolnshire limestone has been used in building projects for centuries. In fact, the Romans were quarrying Lincolnshire limestone at their settlement in Ancaster nearly two thousand years ago. You can find Lincolnshire limestone in some of England’s most prestigious buildings including cathedrals, castles and ancient colleges.

Hanbeck Natural Stone is proud to be part of that long tradition and that’s how our brand story really begins…

Craftsmanship & Quality

 Lincolnshire limestone is relatively easy to work. This has made it the stone of choice for stonemasons across much of England, particularly in ecclesiastical settings. It graces churches and cathedrals across the country, and perhaps finds its most stunning use at Lincoln Cathedral.

Cathedrals need constant repair and maintenance, and Hanbeck Natural Stone has played a part in that story. We have supplied the stone for ongoing renewals at Lincoln Cathedral and for work at the cathedrals at Peterborough and Norwich.

A single block of Great Ponton Limestone supplied by Hanbeck Natural Stone was used for carving the stunning 2 metre statue of Our Lady of Lincoln by the sculptor Aidan Hart. Today it has pride of place in the cathedral.

Aidan Hart was careful in his selection of stone for his sculpture. After looking all over Europe, he settled on stone from Hanbeck Natural Stone because of its quality, and its roots in the Lincolnshire earth.

This is a vindication of the Hanbeck Natural Stone approach which is rooted in a proud local tradition.

Building & Conservation

As well as ecclesiastical contracts, we supply to builders, small developers and conservation projects. Because limestone has been such a feature of much of the English built environment for so long, there is a constant need for quality stone to support sympathetic renovation and conservation work.

With our adaptability in terms of quantities and our cost-effective solutions, we are increasingly the supplier of choice for a wide range of different quality led projects and developments.

A legacy business

With one of the lowest carbon footprints in the country, we work in a sustainable traditional way that respects the environment. We focus on bespoke work and supply smaller quantities. This means that we’re better able to guarantee the quality and finish of our product. Because we’re a family business, there’s one-to-one customer support throughout from quote through to completion.

We want our stone to be part of a legacy of quality craftsmanship that resonates long after we’re gone. Another part of that legacy is sustainability. We want our products to improve the built environment in a truly sustainable way.

The Hanbeck Natural Stone brand is firmly rooted in tradition, the landscape, and the community. A heritage we are proud of.