How We Work With Stonemasons

How we work with Stonemasons

No other profession quite understands the importance of high quality stone like stonemasons.

These experienced craftspeople are at the heart of the industry. They have responsibility for a
wide variety of buildings, both historic and new, with much of the beauty of our built landscape
being maintained by skilled masons.

Any stonemason will tell you that as well as the skills and craftsmanship they bring to the job,
the most important aspect of any stone building or repair project is the quality of the stone itself.
They handle large amounts of stone of different types and grades over the course of their
working lives and quickly build up a good working knowledge about reliable supply.

At Hanbeck Natural Stone, we’re proud to work with some of the country’s leading
stonemasons. As suppliers to some of the country’s most prestigious conservation projects and
ecclesiastical sites, the quality of our products has been recognised by masons at the pinnacle
of their profession.

What do stonemasons do? 

There are two types of stonemason. Banker masons are generally workshop-based and use a
mixture of tools to shape stones either for new designs or to replace an existing stone. For
example they may work on stone carvings, with our stone being used for high profile carvings at
Lincoln Cathedral.

Fixer masons work on site installing the stones into place that have been shaped by the banking
process. They will usually have an expert understanding of specialist fixings and lime mortars.
Often stonemasons will carry out both banker and fixer roles, particularly if they are self-
employed or work for a small company. All stonemasons require a dependable supply of high
quality stone with enough variety to fit the bill for very different types of job.
Our stone is quarried, transported less than a mile and then cropped and prepared ready for the
stonemason to carry out the necessary work for the stone to be put to use.

How does a mason choose stone?

A stone mason will carefully select the stone they require for the job. Limestone is frequently
used as a building material, not only for the strength and durability it brings, but also for its
aesthetic appeal.

The right quality limestone is required for particular building work and at Hanbeck, our quarry
yields a variety of different stones of varying textures, strength and colours.
Ponton Basebed is a consistent cream coloured stone with little fossil content, whereas 
Clipsham Member is warm and honey coloured, containing clusters of fossil traces.

If a stonemason is looking for an extremely hard stone, Ponton Weatherbed is a good choice.


At Hanbeck Natural Stone, we build strong working relationships with stonemasons.
We understand the requirements of different projects and can offer informed advice and professional support whatever the nature of the job. To find out more about our products and how we work with stonemasons click here.