How We Work With Landcapers

How we work with landscapers

When you’re creating the perfect garden design, be that over rolling acres or in a small urban
courtyard, as much detail needs to be paid to the hard landscaping elements as the planting. As
important as choosing the right flower, tree and shrub palette is for your garden, what knits it
together and helps to give it form are the hard landscaping elements. These might be paving
slabs, or wood, or boundary walls, but without them a garden design will lack structure.
Choosing the right hard landscaping elements for your garden is crucial, and at Hanbeck
Natural Stone we work with landscapers to create truly beautiful gardens.

The beauty of natural stone

A poor choice of hard landscaping elements can ultimately detract from the garden design itself.
Cheap slabs, ugly fences and concrete can all give a garden a hard, uncompromising edge that
all the planting in the world can’t do much to soften. With the right choice of hard landscaping
materials, however, you can create a seamless design where the different elements
complement and enhance each other to perfect effect.
At Hanbeck, we work with world famous Lincolnshire Limestone, that’s given homes, major
public buildings and some of the greatest gardens in England and beyond their distinctive looks.
Right across England’s limestone ridge you’ll find world famous gardens such as Kiftsgate,
Hidcote Manor and the gardens at Burghley House, where limestone features in paving slabs,
walls, loose stone and larger landscape features.

Choosing stone shape and texture to add function and interest

Limestone is an incredibly popular choice of stone for gardens because of its durability and
attractive colour and tone. It’s popular in gravel beds, can be used to create raised beds,
paving, walls and individual features. Our Lincolnshire limestone has pleasing variations in tone
and colour, giving it an attractive mellow look that changes with the light and weather conditions.
Used well, it can become an active feature that subtly changes how it appears and works with
other garden elements throughout the year.
When you use limestone in parts of the country where it’s been a traditional building material
you’re creating a garden that looks as if it fits within the wider landscape. This can be
particularly important with very contemporary designs, where limestone can provide a point of
reference with what lies beyond the garden wall.


The right stone for your project

At Hanbeck we can help you choose the right stone for your particular landscaping project.
However you intend to use the stone, we can select, prepare and supply high-quality materials
that meet your needs. We collaborate with our landscaper clients, helping them find exactly the
right material for each particular job, no matter how exacting the standards of the end client.


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