Producing Our Walling Stone

Producing our walling stone

Words from Dean Baker, Director

Over the years we have refined our processing methods to reduce manual handling, improve efficiencies and, as far as possible standardise our product to achieve a consistently high standard of quality.

Our stone is mechanically ‘teased’ from the quarry face; this helps to separate the larger pieces we can use from the debris and dust. This raw stone is then stockpiled ready for transfer to our on-site processing and bagging plant.

The raw stone, a mix of all shapes and sizes passes through various stages in our purpose-built facility, but only after each individual piece has been inspected for quality and its suitability to make any one of the various components a “Waller” may need before being conveyed for further processing.

The cropping line is where we “guillotine” the raw stone down to size, this action converts the larger pieces of raw stone into manageable sizes and shapes and it also creates a nice crisp flat face which is ideal for building and means it is ready to lay. 

From here the stone is moved via a conveyor belt Into a Tumbler; which is a large rotating drum. Here the rolling effect on the stone removes a lot of the sharper edges. Once the stone is discharged from the Tumbler it receives a final inspection before being packed.


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