Tips For Choosing Natural Stone (Part 2)

Tips For Choosing Natural Stone

Part Two

6. Ask about the manufacturing process
High-quality stone is the result of its natural qualities and the manufacturing process. Ask your
supplier to outline their manufacturing process. How is stone selected and what is the quality
control procedure?

7. Think about sustainability 

One of the great advantages of stone as a building material is that it’s long lasting and more
sustainable than many of the alternatives. Some stone suppliers have more sustainable
practices than others so be sure to find out just how sustainable a supplier is.
8. Invest in quality
When it comes to choosing stone, cheapest is rarely the best. In deciding to build with stone
you’re making a choice to invest in quality materials that will last for decades, if not centuries.
It’s worth paying more for a high-quality and bespoke product.
9. Be sure the supplier can produce what you need
Not all stone suppliers are the same. Many can’t provide the kind of precision needed for some
products. Ideally, they should have a production facility that allows them to work within 1mm
10. Talk to Hanbeck Natural Stone
Hanbeck Natural Stone is a producer of Natural Stone building products direct from the
Lincolnshire limestone built. We provide a top quality service to our customers while producing
materials of the very highest quality. We can help you make the right choice for your project.
Call 01529 306310 or email to find out more.


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